In TANK CONTROL you command a stolen Leopard 2A tank. Your enemies want it back.

Your mission is to navigate dangerous terrain and rescue as many civilians from the area as possible and deliver them to various checkpoints. 

You will utilize your overwhelming firepower against your adversaries, which are numerous. Combat uses classic turn-based roguelike mechanics, so positioning the direction of both your tank and your weapon will be critical.

If you linger too long in one area, you are bound to be targeted by aircraft - best to keep moving and save as many as you can. [May not be present in 7DRL version!]

7DRL Note: I did not build this entire game + engine in seven days! I am using first and foremost the amazing rot.js library, and have forked the engine and other elements from  my existing in-development game.


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I like it! Best game I've found searching "tank" on this website.
Although I'm not such a fan of the lack of visibility and how often you need to pick up ammo. It could be tailored to tank battle scenarios a bit more generally, e.g. there's too much time spent picking up stuff, less time driving straight.

Great fun!  First Roguelike I've ever played in which I'm controlling a big 3x3 vehicle.  All it's lacking imho, is persistent top score tracking.

Thanks for playing! During the first couple days I had the tank as a single-@, but I said: No, it must be AT LEAST 3x3. Spent most of the rest of the challenge integrating the various "parts" of the tank. Started working on enemy tanks, but having them worry about rotating quickly broke the AI I already have written.

But yeah, online top score would be fun - definitely something I can work on if folks want it! Out of curiosity, what was your top score/area reached? I kind of winged it on the difficulty.

I think Area 3 with 5 rescued.

Sounds about around what I was getting towards the end. I tried to put some tough calls in there - grabbing points instead of grabbing supplies to restore your health.