How To Play

PRECIPICE! Is a traditional roguelike (permadeath, random levels, tactical positioning) with a quick puzzley gameplay. The ground underneath you will collapse as you walk, potentially opening up the bottomless Abyss that will constantly devour the tiles around it.

Your goal is to collect the five artifacts on each level, while dodging monsters and keeping the ground underneath your feet. To do this will require tactical decision making, special abilities, and flat-out running for your life.

How To Play

This is version 0.4, you can see the change log here, and on my devblog.

Thanks To

The reddit gang at r/roguelikedev, for playtesting and being generally super supportive.

Ondrej Zara for creating ROT.js, an amazing HTML5/javascript library.

Michael Cook for creating, hosting, and inspiring the jam.


I'd love to hear what you thought about the game, or if you've found a nasty bug: todd AT Or drop me a line on reddit.

You can also follow updates on my devblog, or find me @heroicfisticuff.